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We provide our clients with sound expertise, tailored education and peace of mind. We empower our clients to tackle difficult conversations and situations, mitigating the risk that keeps them up at night. We are familiar with the various laws and regulations and offer a hands-on approach to implementing change within your business. We are often a welcomed coach and an encouraging educator for your existing HR team. We are your trusted partner, a resource to help you achieve your people and business goals.

  “What you permit, you promote. What you allow, you encourage. What you condone, you own”

Interim HR

HR Expertise in the Midst of Change

  • Proven HR Leader providing empowerment to your team & answers to your leadership
  • Experienced in multiple facets & able to make timely & sound decisions
  • Keeps the ship sailing in the right direction, mitigating risk to the company
  • Can assist with your HR & Hiring Strategy in your search for your next HR & People Leader

Interim HR leadership ensures your business has the strategy and experience while the team has the support that they need in order to remain focused and productive.

Neutral Workplace Investigations

Trusted Outside Perspective

An experienced and outside investigator puts your employees at ease, creating trust and allowing more honest information to be shared. Launching an investigation is time consuming. It usually comes without warning and it requires immediate attention. Leaders within the organization may find their time is better served promoting their long-term responsibilities such as building and maintaining trust within the organization. Relying on the objectivity, skill, and specialization of an outside partner allows your team some distance from the difficult details of an investigation and allows them the opportunity to continue maintaining workplace morale and have a greater chance for long-term success in their role.

Employers have a duty under law to investigate misconduct. The EEOC requires that these investigations are prompt, thorough, and impartial. Utilize our expertise and ensure that your team receives the neutrality and experience needed to be unbiased and defensible in court.

Strategy Session

Establishing Your Company’s Leadership & People Strategy

We will dive into your company’s overall Leadership & People strategies.  We will process the following topics:

  • How you attract talent
  • How you view your employees
  • Your professional mindset
  • Where you want your company to be
  • What may be holding you back

Our objective is to help you make these dreams your reality. We devise custom plans to raise your awareness and help you see what you can’t, leading you through actionable steps to achieve the success that you desire. Intelligent planning helps leaders achieve far more than they thought possible…

*Expected time for this session is 3 hours

HR Audit

Success Occurs When Opportunity Meets Preparation

We provide a careful look into the many facets of HR, compliance & safety, to identify risk in your policies, procedures and practices.

Reviewing current company processes with an HR Audit can expose several risks. Preventative and proactive, self-audits offer an opportunity for businesses to show goodwill, all while significantly reducing your risk of legal action. We will look at:

  • Industry
  • Company Strategies
  • Exposure Risk
  • Payroll
  • Performance Management
  • Compliance
  • Employee Files
  • Workers’ Compensation
  • Leave of Absence
  • Family Medical Leave, ADA
  • Medical Benefits & COBRA
  • Safety

The objective of this audit is to identify areas where your business may be misaligned or exposed to unnecessary legal concerns. Once uncovered, we will discuss best practices and create a plan to get things corrected, setting you up to exceed your company’s initiatives. 

 *Expected time allotted for this offering depends on company size & client response time

I-9 Audit

Your Employees Are Your Greatest Asset

This is a great way to meet My Trusted HR and ensure that your federal employment records are safeguarded from violations.  By way of this audit we ensure that the federal employment requirements set forth by the U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement Agency (ICE) are correct and in good standing with an introduction to the following processes:

  • Employment Eligibility Verification
  • Compliance Requirements
  • Records Retention

The liability for penalties has increased significantly in recent years, equating to thousands for employers’ first administrative error, and more for subsequent offenses.  

*Expected time allotted for this offering depends on employee count & client response time

Speaking Engagements

Experienced Outside Perspective

Topics may range from HR Strategy to Mental Health In The Workplace. Happy to discuss various topics, the needs of your group, the desired education and your training goals.

Providing training, education and information on the HR and people topics that you need most.

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